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Halina "Haligami" Rościszewska-Narloch - born in 1978 in Mikołów, Poland, origami artist. Designs her own models - flowers, boxes, modular models, mosaics and tessellations (mosaics made from one sheet of paper). She derives her inspiration mainly from nature. Halina publishes articles and diagrams in magazines, newsletters and on websites. She authored books: "Origami. Christmas", "Origami. Kwiaty na cały rok ", "Origami. Jewellery for every day". "Origami. Spatial world" as well as a “Tessellation" series: An Introduction, Gestrum, Hallways, Flower, Puff, Spiral, Day and Night, Happy, Meadow, Solar Flare and Pansies. She wrote a booklet "Snapology" describing the technique by Heinz Strobl. Is Origami Instructor. Were vice-president of PTO (2010-2013). Has been cooperating with the Galician Gropu of Origami for many years, jointly organizing origami conferences (Outdoor Origami Meeting), workshops and exhibitions. She took a part of many collective exhibitions like: "Bridges" (2013 Netherlands, 2014 Korea, 2016 Finland), "Folded Ideas" (2015 Hungary), "Mujeres de papel" (2017 Spain), and many others during polish and foreign origami and mathematical conferences. Also has her own origami exhibition in family town Gliwice "Symmetry versus chaos" (2017). She published diagrams in "Origami Europe" and many other conferences publications. Graduated as a Master of Science in Engineering, major in Mathematics (Silesian University of Technology), also finished postgraduate pedagogical studies as well as majored in Teaching Computer Science in Schools. She has been working in the primary school as a math teacher, currently a diploma teacher (fourth level).

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